The Nepabunna community in the Flinders ranges, South Australia have launched an education program. Nuni means 'to show' or 'to teach' in the Adnyamathanha language. Students will learn about the contemporary lives of the Adnyamathanha people, the flora and fauna, bush tucker, the importance of protecting the environment, and the significance of certain geographical features. As their guides are locals, they will be able to interact with the community.  

The concept behind the branding is ‘Lines to time’. The sacred cave painting site at Nepabunna which originally acted as a message board for the Adnyamathanha people, inspired this theme. Messages left in the cave transcend time. They are clear evidence of ancient beginnings and continuous occupation of country by the Adnyamathanha people from ancient to present time. The symbols from the cave have been used as brand elements reinforcing the connection between past and present. 

Travelling to the community was an essential element of the branding process. My firsthand experiences 'on country' enabled me to acquire greater understanding of how the land and people were inseparable.


Nepabunna is an indigenous community in the remote Flinders Ranges. They required a rebrand and refresh of their collateral.

The brand created focuses on the indigenous Adnyamathanha people, “Adnya” means “rock” and “matha” means “group” or “group of people” - ie; people of the rocks.
The brand elements used are rock shapes taken directly from the landscape, Other significant symbols such as the dots, represent waterholes. The name Nepabunna is derived from the Adnyamathanha name for water-hole - Nipapanha Awi Urdu.

A bright colour palette has been used to make it feel modern, fun and to stand out against the other tourist offerings within that area. The website is currently in the process of being redesigned. 






Nepabunna_Home-page-cropped 2.jpg

Town Square

Branding and illustration created for the ‘Town Square Internship Program’. 

The program's target audience was recent graduates. I used a fresh, fun and  idiosyncratic illustration style to grab their attention.









Concept branding created for a coffee shop which also produces and retails its own blends.I wanted to give the brand a vintage feel with a modern edge. The stripes were inspired by retro milk jugs which gave a familiar feel to the design. 












Wild Oak

The product was projected to sit in the mid to upper higher end of the market. I felt packaging that was authentic would appeal to the audience so I distressed the type to achieve this.

By cropping the turkey in unexpected ways I was able to create a quirky feel. I kept the palette monochromatic to convey a subtle and high end visual. (concept)